Coaching for Gifted Children and Parents

Why might you, as a parent, consider hiring a coach for your gifted child and yourself?

Gifted children often experience challenges related to their intensity, their uncommonness, and their excitability in many arenas (intellectual, emotional, imaginational, sensual, and/or physical). Coaching work helps both parents and their gifted children grow, as their children learn to open up about their inner world within a safe space, learning to trust the kindliness of another adult able to both relate to their experiences, as well as to help them.

In my coaching work, I assist the gifted child in making sense of herself and her world via specifically designed Educational Play Activities. She learns to use strategies to work through problems, and ultimately develops a new way of handling life, that integrates her whole self harmoniously. An essential complement to my work with the children is my coaching work with their parents, who develop an understanding of their children’s unique gifts and challenges, and learn how to reframe challenging behaviours within a new context. As this consciousness grows, parents develop a new sense of empathy that changes the family’s dynamics for the better.

As parents feel supported in their journey of self-discovery, they develop a strong foundation of self-confidence and gentle and wise leadership, to become the parents they want to be. Coaching accelerates the growth and healing journey of all family members towards more joy and personal fulfillment.

You can find about the problems I assist families in solving, on this page

Is coaching right for me and my child?

These Coaching sessions are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, you will benefit the most from these sessions if you are open to support in realizing your most authentic parenting self, and are prepared to self-reflect and grow past limiting beliefs and patterns

How old should my child be?

I work with children as young as 2-years old, and up to teenage years

What languages do you speak?
I work in English, French and Spanish. I am also fluent in Italian and Mandarin and you may contact me for sessions in these languages

How can I work with you?

I work privately at the family’s home, and, on the phone and skype. I invite you to connect with me to explore what format would suit best, at:

Do I need to attend my child's session?

I work separately with your child, and with you. That allows me to create an individual connection with him, and observe specific patterns that I am able to relay to you and address in subsequent sessions. I am committed to total transparency, and always share with you either personally or in the monthly reports that I write, what happens during these sessions with your child


I see developing trust in an emotionally-safe space to be key to healing and developing confidence in yourself. I highly value your commitment to personal growth, and will uphold your right to confidentiality. Any and all information given by you or your child during your sessions will be held in the strictest confidence

Tutoring for Highly Gifted Children

What is it?

If you are searching to support your child’s appetite for life, curiosity and passion for learning, you may be interested in this service.

Gifted children are well-known for their intense desire to know, and they grow from receiving appropriate and stimulating nourishment. During these sessions, I work with your child to support her school curriculum and mindset, identifying the blocks to learning she may have developed and working through them.

Along this work to support her school path, I guide and mentor her in an individual research project encompassing several fields (literary, scientific, historical, philosophical). For instance, as we embark on an exploration of the solar system, we also research the space geopolitics or the space professions. The purpose of this project is to explore deeply one of the child’s passions, and teach him to organize his research in a way that he can present to others, after the research work has ended. He will learn to find information by himself via various media (books, documentaries, interviews, and the internet), question the information he collects, structure his ideas to share them in a report, or oral presentation

How old should my child be to start tutoring with you?

As soon as your child can write fluently, and read, I can support her via tutoring


How can my child be supported by you?

I will work with the child at her home, in Amsterdam. I can only support a small number of children via tutoring, and encourage you to be in touch if you would like to be added to the waiting list, at:

Field Trips for Children

What is it?

In working with parents and children, I realized that my work is not only to support children, but also to offer parents a break. Inspired by my vivid curiosity in a variety of areas, and passion for sharing what I know with children, I have designed a service to help broaden their horizons. These workshops are designed with the intent that inquisitive and curious children can benefit from a special opportunity to meet and relate with other similarly passionate peers and to forge new positive experiences of being with others. One Saturday afternoon every two months, I invite a small group of children to explore with me a topic of global interest, in fields ranging from the world history, arts, nature to philosophy. Typically, after providing an introduction to the topic of the day, I give the children a sense of context and the keys to later delve deeper into the subject. The rest of the afternoon is generally spent visiting a museum to illustrate the topic addressed, following which we come back indoors to share ideas and insights within the frame of a respectful discussion that I lead

What do participants get from attending?

Your child will discover a topic that he may not be aware of yet, and which may ignite an interest, nourishing his perspectives and understanding of the world. Being part of a community of peers of their age category and equally eager to learn will make the experience of visiting a museum or reflecting on questions a joyful and enjoyable moment. This can also help children who may have few experiences of satisfactory friendships gain confidence in their ability to be with others, and enjoy being with fellow companions. During our time together, the children will have the opportunity to interact in a peaceful and respectful environment, allowing each of them to speak up and have their voice heard in the group

Is it for your child?

These workshops are most useful for children between age 7 and 11. Your child should be able to concentrate and reflect as the purpose of these workshops is to enrich their understanding of the world’s topics, and delve collectively into advanced subjects. An ability to behave appropriately and to respect the group dynamics is also required