Tending to the wildness of our children

We see all around us the world undergoing massive changes, and experiencing chaos in this process of evolution. All structures of our societies are impacted by a desire for something else, something new, for a new paradigm that would integrate the heart and harbor more respect for all living beings. How can this new paradigm be born?

While the power of the mind is essential in activities related to thinking, planning, implementing, it seems that more is needed when we it comes to creating.

Creativity is one of the attributes of the feminine energy within us all, regardless of our sex and is the living force that gives rise to the new through our intuition, feeling ability, perceptiveness, receptivity, and flexibility. Masculine energy, also within all of us, sparks action, focus, logic, reason and firmness. It’s easy to see how every individual and our world would benefit by balancing the masculine and feminine within themselves.

Isn’t it curious how so many books are written about all of the ways we can properly educate our children and how few of them focus on supporting their inner life and ability to dream? In fact, when it comes to raising children, do we predominantly tap into the directivity of the masculine or do we default to gentle nurturing that does not include limits and clarity? Neither being overly soft nor being overly rigid benefits a child’s development. And, I wonder, how much attention we pay, as a society, to supporting the wild nature of our children? How much do we encourage them to explore their feelings, what’s in their hearts, or to listen to their secret inner voice that makes them uniquely who they are?

While structures, planning, schedules and reason are all extremely valuable, so are unstructured time, purposeless wandering, connection to silence, exploration of nature and the inner mysteries. It’s no wonder that as adults, so many of us, have lost touch with our natural instincts!

As parents, it is important to consciously create a family environment where children can gestate their dreams. We need to provide them with invitations to visit the worlds of their psyches, the limitless worlds of their untamed yearnings, their curiosity and imaginations. By doing so, we give them the keys to get to know who they are, their likes and dislikes, and anxieties.

So much of the emptiness and lack of meaning experienced by society can be linked to a denial of our feminine attributes: gifts, such as patience, listening, wisdom, feelings and healing. By nurturing the inner life of our children, their natural ability to dream, to perceive, to sense, and letting go of overemphasizing structuring and taming, we will do a great service to our children, future generations and help our world bring the masculine and feminine back into balance.

It’s as simple as connecting with your heart; and supporting your children in doing the same.

Why not use the upcoming holidays to further slow down, and gift your children with ample time so they can explore what interests them at their own pace?



(Photo by Kirsten Lewis)

Marion Franc offers different services to support intuitive and talented children, teenagers, and their parents work with their child’s sensitivities and abilities. She works with families in Paris, and via phone/skype – in English, French and Spanish. To explore working together, please send an email at: info@caringforthegiftedchild.com

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Caring for the Gifted Child

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