Online classes - Fall 2019


And positively transform your connection with her!

  • Are you regularly feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of your child, feeling exhausted and wondering whether you are moving into the right direction?
  • Do you feel that there is a divergence between what your mind and your heart tell you when parenting your child? Maybe you are feeling a little unsure to follow your intuition?
  • Are you aware of your child's unique approach to life and wondering how to best support her talents, sensitivities in today's world?
  • Are you feeling isolated, lacking like-minded peers to share with about your parenting concerns?
  • Maybe you were a gifted child yourself, and would like to raise your child differently, more compassionately - yet with a sense of structure and discipline?

Many of us wish to give our children’s a different education from the one we received. An education that would integrate the powers of the mind AND the power of the heart. Our society is at a crossroads, with a clear failure of the intellect-focused only pursuits. Our planet, our relationships with one another, with all beings, are crying for meaning, for respect, for balance.

As Einstein said it, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’. I strongly believe that those children who do not fit norms, are unhappy with the current state of affairs – maybe even depressed, those children who bubble up with creative life energy, need to be given the right tools to blossom in their unique ways, and, that they hold keys to successfully facilitate the transition we are currently experiencing. Their ability to think differently, to empathize with others, with animals, with nature, their instinctual concern for justice and harmony, can often amaze us as adults, parents, educators – imagine what these children could achieve in their lives when balanced and happy!

In this series of classes, I will share with you practical strategies and ideas to confidently walk the demanding path that raising an exceptional individual represents.  My approach aims at reconciling Mind, Body and Spirit to help these children blossom and contribute the world with their talents.

During these classes, you will learn about the specificities of the gifted child, you will learn about yourself and how to enroll your whole being in the education mission in ways that feels both empowering and exciting, you will learn how to be an Active Guide for your child and transmit your inner wisdom such as she can hear & receive your ideas. We will explore the roots of your parenting fatigue, angst and disorientation, and realize that your past or present challenges can be incredible stepping stones toward personal and familial growth. The exercise between classes will help you integrate the information received during the class.


Class 1: The Gifted Child, what are we talking about?

Gifted Children – who are they?

Why it matters to identify their difference, not to excuse it but to address the specificities clearly and constructively.

How do these children differ from the norm? What are their challenges?

Action step – Observing silently /Were you a gifted child yourself?


Class 2: Could your Gifted Child's behavioral problems come from an inability to verbalize and express emotions?

Supporting the Emotional life of your Gifted Children, not just their Mental powers

Research clearly shows the essential role of emotions in human life, and the importance of being able to feel comfortable with them – knowing how to release them safely is a learned skill that needs to be taught to children.

Gifted Children and Teenagers, because of their intensity, are particularly prone to strong emotional outbursts. The way they express these emotions depends on the acceptance parents have for their feelings, and how they will help their children understand them, give voice to them, and release them in appropriate ways. What’s more, the gifted child may be especially vulnerable because so much of the activity surrounding him prizes and emphasizes only cognitive skills.

Striving for a Healthy Balance between the mind and the emotions

How do we address the intense child’s emotions, listen to their message, and help him channel his strong feelings safely and appropriately – so that they become a tool for self-knowledge and an ally?

Learning to manage your own emotions as a parent

Action step/ Q&A

Class 3: Rules & Discipline for the Gifted Child and her family - leaving conflict to embrace partnership

Supporting the Talented child in his need for structure, and helping her build self-discipline.

The importance of discipline and self-discipline. Self-discipline as a tool to shape our lives and give form to our dreams.

Building character through reasonable constraints and limits

Rules and Discipline in the home environment – how to make it a win-win dynamics and enroll your child’s intelligence in this process

Getting out of power struggle & punishment cycles

Action step/ Q&A

Class 4: Self-Care for Parents of Exceptional Children. What are the specific challenges experienced by parents of gifted children?

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your child

Self-Care for parents of gifted children: you probably noticed that the demands placed on you as you raise a gifted child (or, gifted children!) are different from the average problematics of parents educating children who fit the norm. Maybe you are regularly exhausted, constantly anxious, uncomfortable, wondering whether you are providing the best environment to your intense child.

As parents, you signed up for a marathon with your child and the hectic pace of everyday life can often transform this journey into a sprint. On top of that, the intensity of the gifted child who requests a lot of attention can act as an additional trigger.

What are the challenges experienced by parents

Letting go of others’ opinions and trusting yourself

Strategies to ease the stress, fatigue and tension

Identifying your priorities

What does self-care mean for you?

Celebrating life as a family


Online classes details

  • DURATION: 1-month program
  • DATES: September 24th, October 1st, October 8th, October 15th,
  • DELIVERY: Replays of calls and handouts sent within 24 hours
  • INVESTMENT: Earlybirds through September 17th at 297 Euros; or, 327 Euros
  • TIME OF ZOOM CALLS: 12-1.30pm (CEST) - If you cannot participate live you will always receive the replays and still benefit from the information that was shared during the classes

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Early birds through September 17th

Regular price: € 327

My wish is that after these classes you will feel stronger as a parent, and that you are equipped with a set of tools that you can use practically and that will help bring transformation in your relationship with your child/children. I also wish that you can positively revisit your past experiences as parents, your seeming lacks, and understand disappointment, anger, shame into opportunities to do differently.

'When you know better, you do better'
Maya Angelou



PS: These classes are open to any adult willing to explore supporting gifted children and teenagers whether they live with a gifted child or not.  If you parent a gifted child, you are welcome to share the information about the classes with a relative, a friend or a teacher so he can have a clearer understanding of your child’s reality!

If your child is not officially identified as Gifted but you suspect she may be, I invite you to read through this list of characteristics ( ) or contact me to assess whether you would benefit from the classes, at:

About Marion:

Marion Franc is a coach for gifted children, teenagers and their parents. She first trained as an engineer from a French 'Grande Ecole', and after international missions in Silicon Valley and China, she shifted career to use her gifts in service of gifted children, and their families. She holds the Montessori Assistant to Infancy Certificate. She enjoys a track records in client satisfaction, from parents who have eased their way into a parenting role that integrates both gentleness and firmness, along with a clear understanding of their child's unique strengths & challenges and how to constructively support him on his unique gifted path.
You can read her blogs - that have been featured on the European Council for High Ability's facebook page - to learn more about her line of work.