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And positively transform your connection with her!


The unusual views and profound sensitivities of the Gifted Child are both a strength and a fragility, and it matters as parents or educators to understand their reality, as well as develop a set of tools to support the emergence and healthy bloom of this special population. Thinking ‘outside the box’ while caring about the world and others appears more and more essential, and Gifted Children are particularly apt at being great doing both.

These four workshops will help you reframe the challenges and difficulties of your Gifted Child, and support you in understanding precisely what his reality looks like, while equipping you with practical tools and techniques to bring change in problematic situations.

The group dynamics will help you gain perspective on your individual challenges, and provide motivation and energy on your path.

Workshop 1 - Could your Gifted Child's behavioral problems come from an inability to verbalize and express emotions?

Supporting the Emotional life of your Gifted Children, not just their Mental powers

Research clearly shows the essential role of emotions in human life, and the importance of being able to feel comfortable with them – knowing how to release them safely is a learned skill that needs to be taught to children.

Gifted Children and Teenagers, because of their intensity, are particularly prone to strong emotional outbursts. The way they express these emotions depends on the acceptance parents have for their feelings, and how they will help their children understand them, give voice to them, and release them in appropriate ways. What’s more, the gifted child may be especially vulnerable because so much of the activity surrounding him prizes and emphasizes only cognitive skills.

In this class, you will learn about emotions, strategies to invite and nurture communication with your talented and sensitive child, while the support and exchange of ideas within the group will give you a sense of comfort – you are really not alone!, and inspire you to make changes at home, after the class.

The following topics will be explored:

  • Impairing the communication of feelings through the use of ‘Killer Statements’
  • Opening up through the use of one reference person
  • Fostering communication through different strategies
  • Accepting feelings and why it is so important
  • Practicing your listening skills, and their impact on communication
  • Creating a safe space for communication with your child/teenager

Workshop 2 - Peer Relationships and the Gifted Child

How do you help the gifted child/teenager develop statisfying relationships with others, and create some nurturing and reciprocal friendships?

Even though gifted children usually enjoy their own company, and can entertain themselves with their thoughts, ideas, and musings, it is important for them to develop healthy relationships with their peers, to understand what it is they are looking for in a friendship, and when their perfectionism gets in the way of connection.

Friends contribute to a person’s well-being and sense of belonging, and we know the harfmul long-term impact of isolation and solitude. For some children, creating friendships is not easy, and gifted children need to understand that their potential challenges do not come from an ‘essential flaw’, but rather can be linked to their unusual ways and originality.

How do we help gifted children be part of their community, without them giving up on their uniqueness?

During the workshop, you will learn about:

  • Identifiying peers for the gifted child
  • Appreciating the dynamics of inclusion
  • Knowing when comparison is out of place
  • Developing patience and understanding with and for others
  • Practicing social skills
  • Understanding how much your child should fit in?
  • Acknowledging special friendships
  • Recognizing the problems from the label, ‘gifted’
  • Developing leadership skills, and discerning the distinction between Leardership vs Bossiness
  • Supporting Gifted teenagers

Workshop 3 - The Challenges of Parenting a Gifted Child (Evening session)

Do you sometimes fear that you are ‘bad’ parent to your child, or, do you sometimes think that there is actually something wrong with your child – which can in turn lead you to regularly detach from her, and experience contradictory feelings? Are you concerned as to how your gifted child can fit into society and have a meaningful life?

As parents, you signed up for a marathon with your child and the hectic pace of everyday life can often transform this journey into a sprint. On top of that, the intensity of the gifted child who requests a lot of attention can act as an additional trigger.

During this 90-minute evening meeting, we will explore these triggers and what you can do to keep a sense of perspective in the middle of a challenging phase as a parent. We will discuss the natural emotions that arise, the negative self-talk that can do you and your child harm, and how you can use them as opportunities to tend to your own inner needs and develop compassion for yourself.

Workshop 4 - Self-Care for Parents of Exceptional Children. What are the specific challenges experienced by parents of gifted children?

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your child

You’ve probably noticed that the demands placed on you as you raise a gifted child (or, gifted children) are different from the average problems of parents educating children who fit the norm. Maybe you are regularly exhausted, constantly anxious, uncomfortable, wondering whether you are providing the best environment to your intense child?

In this workshop, we will explore the special stressors in the life of parents of gifted children and how the very area where you are feeling challenged the most, carries the potential for the greatest change and growth.

During this workshop, I will cover the following areas:

  • Whether to share with others that your child is gifted
  • What your image is in the home
  • How parenting is not just, ‘Mothering’
  • Special challenges of the Single parent/ Blended families
  • How to identify if you are both on the same page as partners?
  • Identification of House Rules
  • The importance of self-care rituals for parents of gifted children (What does self-care mean to you?)
  • Getting clear on your priorities
  • Celebrating life as a family


  • Better understand the special traits of gifted children, teenagers and how these affect the family
  • Foster acceptance and cooperation between both parents
  • Equip you with a set of proven strategies to effectively guide your gifted child, to feel confident and know they are on the right path
  • Meet in an environment where parents of gifted children, teenagers can interact with other parents, and with a professional who will provide support and guidance
  • Ask questions in a safe environment, and learn from other participants’ personal experiences

Workshops Details

Workshop 1-2-4 will take place on September 21st, October 12th, November 16th, 1.30-4.30pm, at OBA Roelof Hartplein – Roelof Hartplein 430, 1071 TT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Workshop 3 will take place on October 31st, 7.30-9pm, the location will be announced in September

Reserve your seats!​

1 Parent

Evening Session A: Price for parent who participates in at least two classes: 47 Euros
Evening Session B: Price for parent attending this class only: 67 Euros

3 workshops - Early birds : 197 Euros
3 workshops : 217 Euros

2 workshops - Early birds : 127 Euros
2 workshops : 147 Euros


1 workshop – Early birds through September 10th

1 workshop : 77 Euros

2 Parents

Evening Session A: Price for parent who participates in at least two classes: 77 Euros
Evening Session B: Price for parent attending this class only: 97 Euros

3 workshops - Early birds : 377 Euros
3 workshops : 417 Euros

2 workshops - Early birds : 247 Euros
2 workshops : 267 Euros


1 workshop – Early birds through September 10th

1 workshop : 140 Euros

After these workshops, my wish is that you feel fresh enthusiasm for the parenting journey you are on, and regain the strength and confidence in your own abilities

With warm regards,


PS: These workshops are open to any adult willing to explore supporting gifted children and teenagers whether they live with a gifted child or not. If you parent a gifted child, you can invite a relative or a teacher to register so he can have a clearer understanding of your child’s reality, and how to support him!  

If your child is not officially identified as Gifted but you suspect she may be, I invite you to read through this list of characteristics ( ) or contact me to assess whether you would benefit from the classes, at:


Fields Trips for Gifted Child

If you would like to offer your child an enriching experience of learning and exploration, in a supportive and respectful atmosphere, then you may want to reserve her seat below 

Caring for the Gifted Child Field-Trips take place on  Saturday afternoons every other month


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OBA library- Roelof Hartplein 430 1071TT Amsterdam


English - I invite you to be in touch if your child is not a native speaker to assess her ability to follow and enjoy the workshop

Attendance is limited to 8 children so please register early to avoid disappointment

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I hope you decide to enroll your child on the next field trip, and will be very happy to introduce her to the spirit of this stimulating and caring community

If you would like being introduced to new ways to engage with your child, respectful of both you and her, come and join me for this monthly meeting

This network gathering offers a relaxed environment to be re-charged, re-inspired and re-connected and to share with like-minded parents like you.


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I hope you decide to join me then, because it is my greatest honor and pleasure to support you, a parent caring about your family!
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