I started my career as an Optical Engineer with a joint degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and worked in Silicon Valley and China – where I spent two years immersed among our two local Chinese teams and learnt to speak Mandarin. After these experiences, I found that being an International Engineer was not my sole calling. Having the most creative and playful soul, I recognized that I needed to channel my gifts into a connection with human beings vs technology.
My journey led me to be interested in the development of children, including Gifted Children, being one myself. I hold the Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy Certificate from AMI (Association Montessori International).
I am also deeply sensitive to the beauty of language and sounds, and am a writer of poetry. And, I am fluent in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin).

I understand how important it is for parents to find the right person to work with their children, and I am absolutely committed to respectfully serve the needs of the families I work with, sharing feedback from a place of integrity and transparency.

The parents I assist, whether via coaching or private mentoring with their children, have praised my professionalism, reliability, and have appreciated the special value of my services, especially my constructive support in helping them clearly identify the challenges in their existing parenting approaches. In addition, my firm and caring vision when partnering them to shift perspective, and implement new educational patterns, adds so much value to busy parents who want to better support their children.

It is my joy and honor to earn the trust of a child who opens up to me, letting me perceive his struggles and his dreams, his vulnerabilities and his strengths, his appetite for life and his intelligence. Being worthy of this gentle trust is my mission, and I cannot be more happy when one child is free enough to be herself fully, and engage with me in the Educational Play activities I have designed for her, and her personal needs.

Marion Franc

Caring for the Gifted Child: Educational Play

->  In this episode of the ‘Real Stories’ podcast, I was invited to speak about my work. We discuss modern education, the importance of integrating children’s sensitivity, and spiritual giftedness –  I also share about my own path, and my joint work in Engineering and Education.