Imagine if you could empathize with your gifted child’s feelings in a way that allows them to feel seen and understood, and at the same time move them in the direction that is essential for her. Many of us remember when we were children and experienced big feelings that were overwhelming enough but resulted in us feeling alone, misunderstood, judged, punished, or shamed for them

Let’s not do this to our own children! There’s a better way!

With the thousands of hours, I have spent one-on-one with children, I have observed many patterns of behaviours, what adults may label as negative reactions, that can often leave adults feeling bewildered and powerless

Helped by my intuitive intelligence, I relate to a Gifted Child’s experience and articulate in rational terms what she is going through to her parents or caretakers. Therefore, her care-providers better understand what the child is experiencing and what the reason behind a certain behaviour may be


As a result of this combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, I have built a track record of successes and “failures,” that support me in seeing what approach may be useful for the child and his parents, and, in which set of circumstances

At the root of these strategies is my genuine desire to understand the perspective of the child in distress, and to find constructive ways to support him in making sense of his difficulties, so he eventually knows he is not alone and he can be helped in making sense of himself and his emotions

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotional Intelligence, and how neglect of the emotions stunts the healthy development of children
  • Ability to tap into the needs of Highly Sensitive and Gifted Children
  • The impact of trauma on children
  • Self-nurturing and discovery of the child's inner strength and passions
  • Encouraging a growth mindset: learning through struggle & “failure”
  • How to manage gender differences