Monthly events

If you would like to offer your child an enriching experience of learning and exploration, in a supportive and respectful atmosphere, then you may want to reserve her seat below

Caring for the Gifted Child Field-Trips take place on Saturday afternoons every other month


Saturday, February 9th, 2019 - 12.30pm-5.30pm


Exploring the musical tale 'Peter and the wolf.' Click on the icon opposite for the details of this workshop


Roelof Hartplein 430 - 1071 TT Amsterdam


English - I invite you to be in touch if your child is not a native speaker to assess her ability to follow and enjoy the workshop

Attendance is limited so please register early to avoid disappointment

Visit our Facebook page to catch a glimpse of the joyful & studious spirit of the past Field Trips ! 

I hope you decide to enroll your child on February 9th, and will be very happy to introduce her to the spirit of this stimulating and caring community.

If you would like being introduced to new ways to engage with your child, respectful of both you and her, come and join me for this monthly meeting

This network gathering offers a relaxed environment to be re-charged, re- inspired and re-connected and to share with like-minded parents like you.


Coming soon


Veerstraat 48 - 1075 SW Amsterdam



I will work with a group of 10 people

I hope you decide to join me then, because it is my greatest honor and pleasure to support you, a parent caring about your family!
With warmth,